The company holds the second five professional congresses and 2019 working confe

Time:08 March 2019

On February 27, the Second Five Staff Congresses and the 2019 Working Conference were solemnly convened. More than 140 employees and senior middle-level leaders participated in the meeting, presided over by Yan Shaowei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of the company.

The company holds the second five professional congresses and 2019 working confe

The Conference opened with a solemn national anthem. Wang Jingchao, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the company, presented an administrative report to the General Assembly entitled "Unifying Thoughts, Striving Forward, Untireless Efforts for the Development of the company by Leaps and bounds with High Quality and Excellent Conventions". The report comprehensively reviews the work in 2018, and makes arrangements for the key work in 2019. The report points out that in 2018, Saiding Company, under the correct leadership of the Party Committee at the higher level and with the efforts of all staff and workers, is facing the complex market environment and arduous reform tasks, facing difficulties and moving forward, laying a good foundation for advancing the strategic objectives of the Group Company. 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The strategic landing of the Group Company's "Three-year Five-Year Plan, Ten-year and Thirty-year Vision Goals" is an important year for the reform, innovation and development of Saiding Company. We should resolutely implement the work plan of the meeting of enterprise leaders of the group company, strengthen the overall leadership of the Party, reform and innovation, and strive for reshaping the glory of the competition.


Wang Li Hu, Vice General Manager and Chairman of the Trade Union, presented a report on the work of the trade union entitled "Upholding the Party's leadership, fulfilling the duties of the trade union, uniting and mobilizing the broad masses of workers to build a new era of success and career". The report reviews and summarizes the work of trade unions in 2018, clarifies the guiding ideology and tasks of the work of trade unions in 2019. It is necessary to actively perform the functions of trade unions around the requirements of production and operation of the company, play a role of bridge and link, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the objectives of various tasks of the group company.


Li Baoping, the chief accountant of the company, made a statement on the financial budget and final accounts report for 2018 and the usage of business hospitality fees, clarified the general idea of financial work in 2019, and deployed the focus of financial management in 2019 to ensure the completion of all economic indicators in 2019.


Delegates attended the meeting carefully listened to the reports, held group discussions on the implementation of production and operation work, the "three-year five-year plan, ten-year and thirty-year vision goals" and submitted a number of rationalization proposals to the General Assembly. All staff representatives made democratic comments on the leading group and its members.


Delegates voted unanimously to adopt the resolutions of the General Assembly and successfully completed the agenda of the Assembly. The conference ended with a grand international song.