One-time pouring of the coke oven top plate was completed in SEDIN EPC general c

Time:14 April 2022

One-time pouring of the coke oven top plate was completed in SEDIN EPC general c

At 0:30 a.m. Beijing time on July 19, after 28 hours of continuous pouring, one-time pouring of 4# coke oven top plate was completed in the phase I expansion of PT. DEXIN STEEL INDONESIA 1.5 million t/a coking project, marking the completion of another important node on the key path of the project, laying a solid foundation for the smooth masonry of coke oven and taking a solid step for the smooth construction of follow-up project.

In the light of living toward the sun and daring to meet the hardships ahead, while fully implementing the epidemic prevention and control measures, the project department actively promotes the project construction. The thickness of coke oven top plate is 400mm, it requires 4491 embedded pipes and 1000m3 C35 concrete. Large pouring volume and long duration are the characteristics of coke oven top plate pouring.

In order to ensure the smooth pouring of coke oven top plate, before pouring, the on-site project department shall organize the construction unit, concrete mixing plant, supervisor and owner to hold two pouring preparation meetings to coordinate and implement the construction resources; review the special construction scheme in detail and give a design clarification to the project management personnel and the construction unit; strictly check the strength, stiffness and stability of formwork and support, the embedded pipe end protection, formwork gap and hole sealing. During the pouring process, the whole process supervision has effectively controlled the compactness of top plate concrete, the displacement of embedded pipe fittings, top plate elevation and top plate concrete cracks, and successfully completed the top plate pouring task.

Under the background of "Anti-epidemic and stable production", the promotion of overseas project construction are strongly supported by both company headquarters and the company departments. The successful completion of the pouring task is a small epitome of the on-site project department to overcome difficulties and forge ahead tenaciously, but this is only the beginning, not the end. All members of the project department will continue to strengthen confidence, overcome difficulties, be unafraid of challenges, fight the epidemic and stabilize production, and make every effort to promote the project construction. Adhering to the SEDIN spirit of "perseverance, solidarity and cooperation, exploration and innovation", we will give satisfactory answers to the owner and win reputation in overseas markets.