SEDIN’s 295 technologies have been granted patents by the State Intellectual Property Office, among which 169 belong to patents for invention and 126 belong to utility model.


SEDIN’s 20 proprietary technologies have been affirmed by China Petroleum and Chemical Exploration and Design Association.


Key authorized invention patents

A coal breeze pressured gasifier

A method to produce ammonium nitrate

A one-step process to produce hydrocarbon products based on methanol  

A methanol-conversion based aromatic hydrocarbon production process and the required catalyst, and the preparation of such catalyst

Method to recover phosgene during the process of continuous TDI production

A mixer and method to prepare organic isocyanate

A moving-bed reactor which allow its catalysts to react and regenerate continuously, and its application method.

Method to treat phenolic wastewater from coal breeze pressuring gasification

A method to treat ammonia-containing wastewater from coal breeze pressuring gasification

A degassing process during the process of neoprene synthesis

Multielement mixed gasification agent used in dry bottom fixed bed gasifier to prepare syngas

A coal-to-SNG process through coal breeze slagging gasification

A 2-step purification process to remove sulfur and CO2 off the coal gas

A SNG synthesis process based on syngas from coal through methanation

The method of dinitrotoluene to continuous producing tolylenediamine, its catalyst and catalyst preparation

A method of low-ranking coal to SNG

A process of coke oven gas for ammonia preparation

A process for coking coal humidifying

The load-type U-NI-A catalyst and its preparation method

The preparation and application suitable for sulfuric acid resistance catalyst of synthesis slurry bed methanation

A method of coal tar and heavy oil treatment

A purification process for waste water ammonia recovery from coal gasification

A treatment method of phosgene leakage

A preparation method of coke oven gas sulfuric acid resistance methanation to SNG

A discharged ammonia gas recovery process

A preparation method of methanol to aromatic hydrocarbon mixture of benzene, toluene and xylene through low carbon olefin.

The preparation and application of microporous zeolite coated mesoporous zeolite catalyst in the reaction of methanol to propylene

One preparation and application suitable for slurry bed methanation catalyst

One method suitable for controlling H2S tail gas concentration in low temperature methanol wash process

One ignition method for nitric acid production  by ammonia oxidation

An energy-saving coal breeze pressurized gasifier with day ash discharging

The process and unit of coal to clean fuel gas

A process of coke oven gas to synthesis gasoline

A polycrystalline silicon decomposition furnace

A magnesium silicide production facility and the production method

A method to prepare silicon tetrafluoride from  quartz sand

An energy utilization method in the course of cryogenic liquid ammonia recovery

A synthetic reactor suitable for preparing carbon dioxide propylene oxide copolymer

A unit and process for cyclohexene preparation by selection hydrogenation of benzene

Rotating drum reactor

The system and method for purifying melamine

The equipment and method for recovering propylene oxide from propylene oxide carbon dioxide copolymer washing solution

The system and method for benzene production with poly-generation of cyclohexanone and phenol

The production system and method of caprolactam dehydration

The preparation method of multi-component catalyst of propylene oxide –carbon dioxide copolymerization

The oxidation absorption system and method of propylene to acrylic acid